About us

Inner Equestria is a nonprofit project founded by “My Little Pony“ fans.

We follow the same goals as PrivacyTools, Framasoft, and many other organizations: we cover issues of the modern network and provide access to more ethical alternatives — free as freedom software.

You can use programs on our server absolutely free of charge: we have email, a chat, a video hosting, systems for blogs and microblogs, proxy (including for Telegram), a Git hosting, and even an imageboard.

However, you can support us in any time.

FQA: Frequently questioned answers

Q: How are ponies related to your activities?
A: Many pony lovers are tech-savvy.

Q: What are weird numbers in the domain?
A: 09/29/18 stands for a date when kirins firstly appeared in “Friendship is Magic”.

Q: What a weird name?
A: The name is borrowed from the David Lynch's movie “Inland Empire”.

Q: Why is everything so weird?
A: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


An article about us on WikiFur in Russian.

About our server

Currently, our "infrastructure" consists of two servers (except Vault #99 which is hosted on the third server maintained by Andrew) with codenames: Derpy and Glimmy. The first one is a VPS hosted on Hetzner and costs 5 euros monthly, the second one is a bare metal server hosted at Coma's homeland.

  • Derpy is the mail server.
  • Glimmy is the main backend server.

This is Glimmy

  • Motherboard: ODROID-H2
  • RAM: x2 of Samsung M471A2K43CB1-CRC 16 GB
  • SSD: Transcend TS1TMTE220S 1 TB