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If you want to support our PeerTube server, donate to Andrew:

BTC: 1784zG6jxnp1FVbrk8GoJwrzradxLdyYeX
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If you want to support everything else, including domains, donate to Coma:

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Thank you very much!


We've decided to switch to real hardware. And here our plans:

Name Price, in USD Purchased? Optional?
ODROID-H2 111 Yes No
Case for ODROID-H2, Type 1 13.90 No Yes
eMMC for ODROID-H2, 64 Gb 39.90 No Yes
32 gigabytes of RAM 150 Yes No
A terabyte of NVMe SSD 150 No No
4 terabytes of HDD for backups 150 No Yes

In total ~$600. We have NaN of donations and NaN of cash.

History of donations:

Name Amount Currency
1 winzstd 1.488 XMR

After purchasing of this cuteness we could guarantee relative stability.

This is not a "crowdfunding" campaign in usual sense. There is no time limit, no progress bar, no refunds. This is just a list of Coma's future purchases which he gonna to buy regardless of financial condition of Inner Equestria. But you can speed up this process with your donations.

Throw your coins here (this is a separated Guarda wallet for funding purposes):

BTC: 1FNYuvMmyGVTUbroiMHu7amgMUbUivpn2i
BCH: qr4kzn2w66lzumydwt9rzj58fakxnfakyuhq3533s0
ETH: 0x001EE966444F4b40A3d0CF8385b9165AE440b878
ETC: 0x8DC8c2e23C1AB9cD6dd13521ab9caA454B7462E7
DASH: XpVTwf5Yd9xzyhAfWPka3Em7JGAmA59aCZ
ZEC: t1b7Fy8QBwVubWA3GgHD25woRzd9Af8iSjE
DOGE: DP49e32UxjDdBwWpapVu9u2Qg7qcYuze9w
XMR: 48i3Qezqy2haJvLWRwuGEAXfQ5dXvBdzgeX3m4L5FL9gGmpNMhyJnEuKVPs2j2nTLKFJsBjud79dr3sRjA9YPe3oBsp24wS
BNB: bnb1hshdm4rhcvaaep3qnpp957g97zt4tuwsmx5at4
TRON: TBqCkwfSrqzbXz39ysjDygzSHKpyrtdmWS